The best copywriting frameworks for email marketing

Copywriting frameworks are useful for getting started on a piece of content for which you intend to persuade an audience. Like painting by numbers, the frameworks provide guidance.

Here are some of the copywriting frameworks I’ve found useful when creating content like sales emails:

  • Before-After-Bridge
    • Before: Remind readers of their current struggle
    • After: Show readers what their future is after your solution
    • Bridge: Share how your capabilities drive the transformation
  • PAS (Problem Agitate Solve)
    • Problem: Present your prospect’s challenge
    • Agitate: Make the prospect feel the pain
    • Solve: Present the solution to the pain
  • Viking Velociraptor
    • Verify (something they’ve seen/heard/felt)
    • Validate (their feelings)
    • Vantage (insert your vantage point)
    • Values (bring up shared values)
    • Villains (paint a common enemy)
  • AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action)
    • Attention: Surprise the reader with something unexpected
    • Interest: Keep them engaged with supporting info
    • Desire: Evoke in them a visceral feeling to achieve them
    • Action: Give them a path to attain their desire
  • The 4 P’s Technique
    • 1. Promise (make a short & sweet promise, related to their desires)
    • 2. Paint (describe what their world will look like after you deliver)
    • 3. Proof (share results from previous promises)
    • 4. Push (now that they’re excited, call to action)

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