The best copywriting frameworks for email marketing

  • Before-After-Bridge
    • Before: Remind readers of their current struggle
    • After: Show readers what their future is after your solution
    • Bridge: Share how your capabilities drive the transformation
  • PAS (Problem Agitate Solve)
    • Problem: Present your prospect’s challenge
    • Agitate: Make the prospect feel the pain
    • Solve: Present the solution to the pain
  • Viking Velociraptor
    • Verify (something they’ve seen/heard/felt)
    • Validate (their feelings)
    • Vantage (insert your vantage point)
    • Values (bring up shared values)
    • Villains (paint a common enemy)
  • AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action)
    • Attention: Surprise the reader with something unexpected
    • Interest: Keep them engaged with supporting info
    • Desire: Evoke in them a visceral feeling to achieve them
    • Action: Give them a path to attain their desire
  • The 4 P’s Technique
    • 1. Promise (make a short & sweet promise, related to their desires)
    • 2. Paint (describe what their world will look like after you deliver)
    • 3. Proof (share results from previous promises)
    • 4. Push (now that they’re excited, call to action)

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