#MarketingChats July 2021 Recap

On July 7, 2021, the Marketing Champions community and Salesforce Marketing Cloud did a fun one-hour Q&A chat on Twitter.

Marketing Cloud asked us six questions. Below I’ve listed out five answers to each of the questions. Check it out!

And to see the rest of the answers, just click the question I’ve embedded below.


  1. CoffeeCloud by @justguida
  2. Avocado Toast Cloud by @JackieMennie
  3. Cereal Cloud by @shibua
  4. Chole bhature Cloud by @abby_1592
  5. “Cloudy” eggs and a doughnut! by @jenkazin


  1. @ThisIsSethsBlog by @picaforce
  2. @WorkInSociaI by @Burakiosaurus
  3. @lifeatlev by @_kahoward
  4. @eliotharper by @MiltonMuthuraj
  5. @JackieMennie by @jaipurmarketers


  1. Marketing is about helping people improve their lives in 3 steps:
    1. Understand their problems.
    2. Create something to solve their problem.
    3. Give them what you made so they can benefit.
    by @picaforce
  2. “You know when you’re shopping online and you put something in your cart but you don’t buy it and get an email about it later? That’s me. That’s what I do for a living. I sent you that email.” by @JackieMennie
  3. You know where you’re scrolling through photos of your grandkids on Facebook? Then you scroll past a photo of knitting needles? That’s because earlier, you searched for a video on how to knit romper suits. Now you’re being shown products to help you knit them. by @Burakiosaurus
  4. “It’s my job to get helpful, pertinent information to customers so they feel confident in their purchasing decisions” Also: “I’m the person sending you all of those emails from that company you interacted with once.” by @JanelWebster14
  5. ‘You see when you browse on Facebook and see ads? Or if you search something on the internet and see the top resultds? Well, part of my job is to help develop those ideas, then to setup the publicity and to measure the effectiveness of it, including sales!’ by @Vansll


  1. Could Have Been an Email
    by @Burakiosaurus
  2. In a recent MarketingCloud podcast David Raab of the CDP institute said 3 letter acronyms stick ;). I am BTM – Born To Market by @shreyamecheri
  3. MIM : Marketing In Motion by @LounganiPayal
  4. RTPM
    Real Time Personalized Marketing
    by @anilpilania
  5. CCM
    by @yourfriendCC


  1. Beware of the snowball effect. One thing can lead to another, and before you know it, your project is out of scope and at risk of missing the launch date. Avoid over-engineering. Keep things simple at first, test, and iterate as you build upon success. by @picaforce
  2. I wish I new how much I would love marketing automation! Orchestrating smart digital communication is cool by @HeatherTheisen5
  3. I wish I would have known about #TrailblazerCommunity earlier. It could have help me to grow in the right direction and help me to give back to the community in more better way by @LounganiPayal
  4. You don’t have to know everything about everything at any given moment, and realistically some things you will only learn upon doing so in a project for a client (not before). by @amandabenjamin
  5. maybe not so much my current role, but my career in general… I wish I knew how ‘technical’ it was going to be. I would’ve paid more attention in my IT classses in college! by @JanelWebster14

And the final question was about a special announcement coming soon in August!

@marketingcloud wouldn’t reveal any secrets though, so we’ll have to wait a few weeks in suspense!

To join in the fun next month, be sure to follow @marketingcloud and the #MarketingChats hashtag!

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