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  • How to prevent spam from Pardot form-fillouts

    The past month or so my company has been struggling with spam leads coming in from our website’s Pardot forms. We’re in the process of resolving the issue, and so far here’s what we’ve done: Our website runs on Webflow, and we’ve been using Pardot form handlers (instead of Pardot forms) because form handlers give…

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  • #MarketingChats July 2021 Recap

    #MarketingChats July 2021 Recap

    On July 7, 2021, the Marketing Champions community and Salesforce Marketing Cloud did a fun one-hour Q&A chat on Twitter. Marketing Cloud asked us six questions. Below I’ve listed out five answers to each of the questions. Check it out! And to see the rest of the answers, just click the question I’ve embedded below.…

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