Quick notes on doing a Content Refresh

Use the below tips when updating old content, and keep this stuff in mind when writing new blog articles.

  • First, identify and prioritize articles to update using Google Search Console
    • Performance > Queries > Average Position
    • Look for
      • a) declining rankings
      • b) page 2 rankings
      • c) page 1 rankings without a snippet featured
  • It’s easier to improve blogs with SERP rankings 1-15 than those with lower rankings (20+)
  • In old articles, add internal links to new articles
  • If you find multiple blogs covering the same topic, it’s better to consolidate them into one longer post (be sure to redirect the old post)
  • Understand conversion rate on the page, because that’s an indicator of how persuasive the content is (an article that ranks on page 2 but has high conversion rate is prime for SEO improvement)
  • Add external links to highly authoritative sites
  • Emphasize topical relevance in the articles i.e. inject related keywords around the concept you’ve written about (only if the keywords fit naturally)
  • Search the target keyword for the article in Google, find featured snippets and write down the questions people are asking. Then input those questions (and answers) into the article
  • Review the People Ask For section of the SERP for keyword ideas and queries
  • Consider changing the titles (but not URL) of the articles, and you can change meta descriptions as well
  • Use Keywords Everywhere chrome plugin to understand search volume and related terms
  • Look at the “related search terms” section of the SERP for terms Google wants to see, and add those terms to the article
  • Also use the Ask the Public site for additional queries to write answers to

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